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Hemp Oil CBD Discounts are offered as a way of helping those who serve us so tirelessly in so many important ways.  Whether it’s defending our freedoms or defending our homes against fire, crime or illiteracy.  We want to offer our thanks and to provide some financial help as well.  We also feel passionate about helping those among us who suffer with debilitating conditions that prevent them from enjoying life to it’s fullest.  If you are a first responder, a veteran, in academia, a senior citizen, or have disabilities the make life difficult,  we urge you to let us know by completing the application form on this page.  We are one nation and one community and we want you to know, we are grateful to you.  If you are a member of one of the following groups, we encourage you to complete our verification form and apply for your discount.

  • Disabled citizens
  • Military veterans
  • Active military personnel
  • Academic teachers and students
  • Senior Citizens
  • First respondents, i.e. fire, police, ambulance, etc…


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