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CBD Products From Quiet Trees, We Were The First To Bring Quality CBD Products To Kansas

Hemp Oil Benefits

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CBD Products From Quiet Trees, We Were The First To Bring Quality CBD Products To Kansas

Hemp Oil Benefits & Quiet Trees

Get To Know Us

Quiet Trees deliver hemp oil benefits as an industrial hemp extracts (CBD) manufacturing and supply company, first and foremost. We formulate, manufacture and distribute our CBD products both locally and abroad. Based out of Lawrence Kansas, we have built our business on a few core values.

  1. Provide the absolute highest quality of organic hemp possible.
  2. Employ science and technology to ensure our CBD products are consistently pure and meet the highest standards.
  3. Rigorously monitor, test and regulate the delicate formulas that we produce to yield the highest benefit.
  4. Work closely with physicians and clinical authorities to guarantee clinical safety and quality in all of our products

We began our journey back in June of 2017. Since our inception, we have always used organic, American grown, hemp for all of our products. We are broad based in our distribution network, servicing wholesale clients, business clients and private retail consumer needs through our online sales facility at .

About Our Founders

Our founders and leaders have been and continue to be active in industrial hemp legislation in Kansas. These efforts have been ongoing for the past 4 years and they have a combined total of 10 years of phytocannabinoid and natural medicine experience.

We only use the highest quality products on the market. Our organic hemp extracts come from Oregon and Colorado, and we are hoping to source it from Kansas farms in the future!

We know how important quality and transparency are to our customers. To that end, we have sought out third party labs to test our products and provide published results that we make available online and through the QR coding on our Quiet Trees tincture labels and boxes. Our organic hemp seed oil is sourced from Kentucky. We formulate it with organic vitamin E oil. This aids in absorption in our Endocanna Oil tinctures.

Our vapes contain individual strains and different blends of cannabis derived terpenes and they come in 2 sizes. The sizes are 125mg, 250mg and the flavors are Indica, Hybrid and Sativa. We also have body butter, live resin, isolate, gummy bears, vape batteries, vape juice, tea, crumble, bath bombs and dog treats.

Industrial Hemp Quality

We use organic hemp oil sourced locally from the most reputable growers to build our CBD product line. All of our products are tested for purity and quality by independent laboratories. Find out why independent testing is so important by clicking HERE.

Activated Hemp Compounds

Increasing the effectiveness of each hemp formula.

Gaining Hemp’s Benefit

Realize the true efficacy of the cannabis species of hemp.

Your CBD Experience

Determine for yourself how you benefit from CBD.

Achieve Your Ideal Level of Health​

Join Quiet Trees to gain for yourself, the level of health for your desired lifestyle with Industrial Hemp CBD Oil Products

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