Broad Spectrum Vape CBD:CBG 1:1 – 250 mg


Blue Cookies, Broad Spectrum Vape With CBG and CBD

Quiet Trees newest vape product is broad spectrum cbg:cbd vape in a one to one ratio. It comes in two sizes, 125mg/0.5ml or 250mg/1ml.  Both are fully tested for purity and quality by an independent third party laboratory.  All our products are 100% organic and natural.


Natural derived terpenes, MCT OIL, CBD

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Blue Cookies, Broad Spectrum Vape CBD:CBG

Quiet Trees newest vape product is broad spectrum cbg:cbd vape in a one to one ratio. It’s a natural and organic vape option that offers the broad spectrum of Hemp plant benefits.  This means you can rest easy knowing it is completely free of THC.

Why CBG (Cannabigerol) Should Be On Your Health Radarblue cookies broad spectrum CBD:CBG Vape

New research is showing the increasing health benefits of the CBG component of the Hemp plant.  According to the National Institute of Health, “CBG inhibited the growth of xenograft tumours as well as chemically induced colon carcinogenesis. CBG hampers colon cancer progression in vivo and selectively inhibits the growth of CRC cells…”  CBG has also been found to be beneficial in the treatment of:

  • Glaucoma
  • Various forms of Cancer
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Crones Disease

With the continuing research being conducted, it is clear that our Full Spectrum Vape CBD:CBG product is an excellent supplemental health product, and now we are offering the full spectrum benefits of both CBD and CBG in one product.  The blend ratio is a 1 to 1 relationship.

Blue Cookies, A New Vape Experience

Our newest product, Blue Cookies, is designed for those who are looking for the full benefit of the hemp plant without the unwanted side affects of THC.  It comes in two convenient sizes, 125mg or 250mg.  Both are all natural and organic and tested by our third party, independent testing laboratory. We offer the results for you to scrutinize as well.

Pioneers in Kansas

At Quiet Trees, our goal is simply to be the best. We were the first to introduce CBD hemp oil products in Kansas and have been on the cutting edge of pioneering new and innovative products for your continued health and quality of life. We’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us with all your suggestions, comments and reviews. Together, we can create a truly wonderful new world of health and wellness.

Why Full Spectrum CBG:CBD Vape Tip Is So Effective

Full Spectrum CBD Vape Tip from Quiet Trees is one of the most efficient ways to enjoy all the beneficial aspects of the Hemp oil product.
In fact, according to Leafly the Online Cannabis Guide, generally speaking, when you consume CBD oil products, only a certain percentage actually enters your circulatory system.  The term that describes this occurrence is “bioavailability”.  Thus, the percentage of benefit obtained by CBD oil products and the overall benefit depends greatly on the method of delivery.

Because vaping CBD oil allows the product to be introduced as a vapor in the lungs, it can quickly be absorbed through the alveoli and into the bloodstream with a much higher bioavailability rate.  The effects are faster and longer lasting when compared to traditional oral ingestion.  The overall result is faster benefit and effect.

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